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We believe that technology and human creativity has the power to change the industry field. That’s why we focus on facilitating the integration process of all Industry 4.0 pillars. For us, the integration system is the key to approach humans to technology, but this is not the unique benefit. We understand the integration has the power to:

  • Standardize processes;
  • Increase productivity and efficiency;
  • Reduce costs and production losses;
  • Increase colaboration between areas;
  • Guarantee data confiability and integrity;
  • Increase assertiviness during decision making process;
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Nothing defines an industrial revolution better than the technology involved.

Get to know the pillars of Industry 4.0

  • Big Data and Analytics

    In an Industry 4.0 context, the collection and comprehensive evaluation of data from many different sources—production equipment and systems as well as enterprise- and customer-management systems—will become standard to support real-time decision making.

  • Autonomous Robots

    Robots will eventually interact with one another and work safely side by side with humans and learn from them. These robots will cost less and have a greater range of capabilities than those used in manufacturing today.

  • Simulation

    Simulations will be used more extensively in plant operations to leverage real-time data and mirror the physical world in a virtual model, which can include machines, products, and humans. This will allow operators to test and optimize the machine settings for the next product in line in the virtual world before the physical changeover, thereby driving down machine setup times and increasing quality.

  • Horizontal and Vertical System Integration

    With Industry 4.0, companies, departments, functions, and capabilities will become much more cohesive, as cross-company, universal data-integration networks evolve and enable truly automated value chains.

  • Industrial Internet of Things

    Allows connectivity between devices making access and control flexible throughout the production process.

  • Cybersecurity

    With the increased connectivity and use of standard communications protocols that come with Industry 4.0, the need to protect critical industrial systems and manufacturing lines from cybersecurity threats increases dramatically. As a result, secure, reliable communications as well as sophisticated identity and access management of machines and users are essential.

  • Cloud Computing

    More production-related undertakings will require increased data sharing across sites and company boundaries. At the same time, the performance of cloud technologies will improve, achieving reaction times of just several milliseconds. As a result, machine data and functionality will increasingly be deployed to the cloud, enabling more data-driven services for production systems.

  • Additive Manufacturing

    Companies have just begun to adopt additive manufacturing, such as 3-D printing, which they use mostly to prototype and produce individual components. With Industry 4.0, these additive-manufacturing methods will be widely used to produce small batches of customized products that offer construction advantages, such as complex, lightweight designs.

  • Augmented Reality

    Augmented-reality-based systems support a variety of services, such as selecting parts in a warehouse and sending repair instructions over mobile devices. These systems are currently in their infancy, but in the future, companies will make much broader use of augmented reality to provide workers with real-time information to improve decision making and work procedures.

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Why ALL in one?


Track your KPIs through configurable and flexible sight management panels. Better and faster decisions require accurate information in real time.


Record, monitor and control the main problems and deviations that impact the loss of industrial production. The synergy between the operation and the industrial maintenance is fundamental for the increase of high levels of productivity.


Monitor changes in automatic / manual control of industrial equipment. Forces management is important for maintaining a safe industrial environment.


Record, track and control meeting minutes and their actions in a simple and user-friendly manner. Simplicity and ease of use are fundamental to an efficient routine.


Monitor your key control and verification variables in an integrated way with your industrial systems. Stability of the process ensures better operating results.


Conduct analysis and handling of critical problems from a step by step guided cycle. The maturity of a plant is measured by the low recurrence of problems.


Prediction of critical process variables with Artificial Intelligence. iOmnia is a platform that contains algorithms developed by our DataScience team, specialized in predicting variables in industrial processes.


Record, investigate and communicate the plant's accidents and near misses to interested parties. iSafety is a powerful tool for safety management and guidance for employees and third parties about the risks they are exposed to and prevent their occurrences.


Anticipate failures with preventive maintenance! iRoute is an application for carrying out inspection routes at the industrial plants, making the process simpler and more interactive through an user-friendly app and interfaces that allow you to maximize execution time, safety and productivity.


Achieve your goals more precisely. IReliability allows the control of performance indicators such as MTBF and MTTR, integrated with BI dashboards!

Our differential goes beyond system integration. We evolve our platform listening to the real needs of our clients. We always deliver what we promise, adding value to the end client. Integrate, cosolidate and aggregate. That is the basis of all our efforts.

Rodrigo Dal Moro - Head of Product

Who is with us?

Eldorado is a company that has always grown in results, efficiency and production. Our numbers are extremely competitive and, most of the time, based on IndustriALL management. The platform is not only a technology for us; it is the basis of our industry and demonstrates how we transcribe our management. As a manager of technical control and processes, I consider IndustriALL to be one of our main industrial management platforms at Eldorado.

Leonardo Pimenta

Technical Manager

The main transformation that the IndustriALL brought to Veracel was the consolidation of all the information in a single platform, as well as more agility in the management of the information and control of production losses, factors that are extremely important for the manager’s decision making process. AEVO is a very partner company, work together with us and always suits the needs of the client.

André Silva Borges

Industrial Automation Systems Analyst

While using the platform, Bracell has become more agile in making decisions. IndustriALL has helped us in a change of culture where we have improved the quality of the information we put into the system. The main benefit of IndustriALL is the user-friendly interface that contributes to the practicality of launching occurrences in the system, as well as being able to integrate some information that we used to have in separate places.

Bruno Calvasan Fenara

Production Coordinator

Currently we have a rather lean and dynamic operation and the systems that support us in the management of production must comply with this same dynamism. We have found in AEVO a partner willing to customize their systems to our needs, thus streamlining our decision making process. We believe that agile and assertive decisions are critical to making our results even better.

Vinícius Sierra

Consultant of Industrial Process
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